Why Train Your Puppy?

  • Puppies that have gone through an early learning class are more likely to remain in their first homes.

  • Puppies are mostly clean little slates and can be taught appropriate companion dog behaviors easily, preventing major behavior problems later.

  • Puppies’ owners learn to develop realistic expectations, knowledge and effective tools to manage their dogs.

  • Puppies are practically fearless and can be acclimated to children, people, noises, events and situations that might frighten them later.

  • Puppies’ owners learn how to communicate with their dogs by using a reward-based training method.

  • Puppies learn their place in your family and how to cooperate with you, a skill that will serve them well all their lives.

  • Puppies and their owners begin to develop a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

  • Puppies learn foundation behaviors, such as paying attention to their owners, hand targeting, impulse control and coming when called, that will be the basis of more complex behaviors later.

  • Puppies’ owners learn what is normal puppy behavior at each developmental stage and how to manage their dogs through it with understanding but not permissiveness.